4 Fun Ways to Follow Up and Stay On the Radar

As I previously discussed, only 2% of sales or deals close at the first meeting; successful people have a long-term relational mindset and know the importance of building trust over time. Whether it’s a prospective or a current client, don’t feel that you always have to connect around serious business issues and talk shop. Here are some fun and inexpensive ways to reach out, let your personality shine through, and just let people know you are thinking about them.

Send a card or photo greeting  Thanks to some new smartphone apps, you can send great greetings without setting foot in a store. Here are some greeting card apps you can quickly use while you wait for lunch, or are in a cab ride to the airport:

  • Redstamp (For iPhone, iPod, iPad) – First, choose a card, snap a photo or select a picture from your phone’s library, Facebook or Instagram. Then customize your greeting, and your card can be sent by e-mail, text message, Facebook, Twitter, or printed and mailed as a real postcard.
  • Sincerely (For Android, iPhone, iPad) – Sincerely has some useful apps under its banner. Postagram lets you print and ship your mobile, Instagram, and Facebook photos as high-quality pop-out postcards. Sincerely Ink applies this same concept to holiday card designs.
  • Cartolina (For iPhone, iPad) – The Cartolina Postale app lets you turn your pictures into real postcards with vintage-inspired designs. The original Cartolina app lets you send “pretty texts and emails,” and again, the designs are nostalgic, with vintage images of yellowed paper and postage stamps.

Send a surprise  Everyone needs a break or a pick-me-up. Go on an afternoon Starbucks run for your favorite client and his team, or drop by with some fresh treats for the office. Even if you are out of town, you can still send a nice surprise – check out sites like Zaarly, TaskRabbit, or Zipments, where you can find reliable people for such quick tasks and deliveries.

Send a book or subscription  Whether it’s a new business book, or a monthly magazine about local events in their city, sending a gift of interesting material will keep them in the know. And with the growing popularity of Kindles and ebooks, they can start enjoying your gift instantly and from anywhere.

Gift an app Does your client love her iPhone or iPad? You can actually gift iOS apps from your device without even purchasing an iTunes gift card! Follow these instructions and brighten someone’s day with the latest business productivity app or must-have game.

Dana Byerlee is a corporate strategist and relational marketing expert to both Fortune 500s and startups. She has worked with Ferrazzi Greenlight, and is passionate about leveraging new technology to break down barriers and build deeper connections. @LADLynn

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