Mingling and Unleashing the Power of Relationships

Mingly at Funders and Founders

Mingly CEO & Founder, Tyler Koblasa, chatting with the crowd at Funders and Founders, Life 3.0 event

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Mingly team, and we’ve had a number of opportunities to meet and share our vision with many great people.

On March 1st, we spent a fantastic night demoing Mingly at the Funders and Founders Life 3.0 event. The attendees, a mix of local tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from various industries, quickly understood Mingly’s mission to help people stay in touch with important contacts. When it was time to vote, Mingly was the crowd favorite!

Next it was off to the 5th Annual LAUNCH Festival, where Mingly had a table in the Demo Pit. With over $1 million in prize money and judged by some of the most respected entrepreneurs and investors in the world, it was an exciting and valuable two days. We had the chance to spend face time with some current Mingly users and hear more of their feedback. We also met many other innovators building amazing teams and companies, who told us they had been wishing for a tool like Mingly. Everyone came to LAUNCH to connect with other talented and passionate people, and recognized that relationships are truly the key to growth and success.

The Mingly team at LAUNCH 2012

The end of Q1 seems to be prime event time, so there has been no rest for the weary! From SXSW in Austin, to Cloudforce back in San Francisco, there’s no better feeling of walking into a crowded room and hearing, “Hey Mingly! We love you guys!” Thank you to the entire Mingly community, for spreading the word about both our products and philosophy, and taking the time to give us great feedback and ideas. We are committed to your success and can’t wait to show you what’s next!

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