Mingly for Web Demo: Relationship Management Made Easy

At Mingly, we believe that relationships are the key to success, and we’re on a mission to take the work out of the ongoing follow-up needed to drive opportunities and referrals. In this demo video, you’ll see how you can use Mingly to stay in touch with and grow important relationships.

No matter how you’ve connected, via email or social networks, Mingly keeps track of the people entering your life.

  • You can quickly tag contacts in groups and add notes.  No more forgetting important things like how you met, or someone’s favorite hobby.
  • Set a keep-in-touch reminder, and Mingly makes sure you never go more than the specified amount of time without interacting with this person.
  • Even without specific instructions, Mingly always looks out for you: It notifies you about key events in your contacts’ lives (job changes, birthdays, relocations, etc.), providing genuine reasons to reach out and connect.

Mingly for Web Demo

If you’ve ever felt the pain of neglecting or even losing a valuable connection, check out Mingly. We’re committed to your success and love hearing from you, so please share your stories and feedback below, or get in touch with us at feedback@ming.ly.

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    Any Salesforce.com plug-in plans in the foreseeable future? Live would be another valuable partner.