Mingly Unlimited

Beyond Contact Management. Relationship development.

  • Mingly Web app: Advance relationships across email and social networks from one easy dashboard.
  • Mingly for Gmail: Build powerful connections right from your inbox.
  • Contact Snapshots: 360° view of conversations, social bios & updates. Tag to groups, make notes, and set Keep In Touch reminders.
  • Keep In Touch Reminders: Self-adjusting monitors make sure you never go too long without connecting.
  • MyPeople Digest: Your customized relationship news and to-dos, delivered daily or weekly.




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1. Unify your contacts and sync all your social networks

Bring your contacts from email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to one convenient place. Focus on people, not platforms.

2. Remind yourself to always keep in touch

Keep in touch reminders keep you top of mind with more opportunities and referrals coming your way.

3. Never miss an important moment again

Get notified of key life events such as a job change, relocation, upcoming birthday, if someone gets married or they move to a new city.

Reasons to love Mingly

Build Meaningful Relationships

Uncover more opportunities.

Game changers and top producers cultivate powerful networks. Mingly makes the art of High Touch Relationship Development easier than ever. Learn how Mingly keeps you in touch and top of mind with high-value relationships.

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Mingly is available as a web app and Gmail plugin. Users also receive MyPeople, a personalized email digest.

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Stay Connected

Follow up and stay top of mind with your most important relationships:

* Keep-in-touch reminders make sure you never go too long without connecting.

* Real time social alerts about key events in your contacts' lives. From relocations, to birthdays, and job changes, you're always in the know and ready to show you care.

Get it Together!

Finally a global addressbook.

* See all your contacts in one place across email, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

* Prioritize who's important

* Filter and search by location, company, last contacted, and more.

Understand What's Important

* Profiles at your fingertips let you easily explore social updates, and understand shared interests and professional goals.

* Tag contacts in groups and add notes. No more forgetting important things like how you met, or someone's favorite hobby.

* Review previous conversations no matter where they took place. View interaction history across mail and social accounts for a contact.

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Mingly is available as a web app, Gmail plugin along with MyPeople personalized email digest.
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